EIMA 2018 to Include New Agriculture 4.0 Exhibition Area

EIMA's new Digital area is dedicated to electronic technologies and IT, and technologies related to the industry trend of Agriculture 4.0.


Agriculture 4.0 was the leading player at the recent EIMA Show trial demonstrations of agricultural machinery under digital system controls held on the Casalina di Deruta farm, near Perugia. This same issue will have a dedicated area in the EIMA International setting of the great agricultural mechanization exposition in Bologna set for November 7-11.

Among the specialized areas planned for the event the Digital issue will be the creation for the first time a specific area focused on the advanced electronics involved. Pavilion 33 near the Costituzione Entry will be set up as a showcase for the technologies created by 35 applied electronics industries, 20 Italian and 15 arriving from Australia, Austria, China, Germany, Spain and the United States.

Satellite guidance systems, GPS devices, on board computers, ISOBUS systems, weather CPUs, drones, sensors and latest generation software will all be on exhibit in Bologna to the benefit of business people and agricultural technicians and also for the machinery manufacturers interested in equipping their products with devices for optimizing performance.

As was displayed during the EIMA Show Umbria, of interest are mature technologies extremely reliable for rationalizing farm management ensuring increasing science and safety in operations in the fields. There are good prospects for the dissemination of these technologies due to a market with wide margins for development in consideration of a country with a strong agriculture sector such as Italy where only 1-2% of farms have taken on precision systems and applied integrated digital devices.

Marco Acerbi, responsible for the organization of the event, comments, "EIMA International has always trained great attention on electronic and IT technologies in the field which over the years has been given an area, EIMA Components, which often comes up in the New Technologies competition. But the creation of an exhibition area specifically dedicated to digital devices marks a leap in quality by presenting more room and visibility for a technological sector certain to play an increasingly important role in the sphere of agriculture."