New Engineers' Choice Award to be Presented at Agritechnica 2019

DLG will honor components and systems for use in agricultural machinery for the first time.

DLG announces that for the first time it will present an award for systems and components at Agritechnica 2019. Winners of the the new 'Systems & Components Trophy - Engineers' Choice' will be announced at the exhibition on November 10. Sc Trophy Nominee

The award aims to acknowledge innovation within the supplier segment and its importance to the agricultural technology, says DLG. Marie Servais, Agritechnica Project Manager, says, "The trophy is aimed primarily at companies represented in the Systems & Components area of the exhibition at Agritechnica 2019. The award offers them the opportunity to recommend development engineers and agricultural machinery manufacturers as innovative sources of ideas. The award is therefore an optimum addition to the prestigious Agritechnica Innovation Awards, the DLG awards for innovative products and machines in agriculture."

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Prize winners will be selected by a jury of development engineers from agricultural equipment manufacturers exhibiting at this year's Agritechnica. 

Twenty innovations have been announced; nominees include:

Alliance Forestar 344 ELIT, Alliance Tire Europe BV (Hall 4 Stand C28)

The Alliance Forestar 344 ELIT is a low inflation forestry tire. Operating at half the inflation pressure when compared to standard forestry tires, the F344 ELIT minimises soil compaction during forestry operations and provides high traction with an excellent fuel efficiency and self-cleaning characteristics.

Continuously Variable Transmission Unit, BONDIOLI & PAVESI GmbH Germany (Hall 15 Stand E27)

The proposed CVT unit is a compact and powerful mechatronic unit that combines the efficiency of a mechanic transmission with the ductility of hydraulic, controlled by electronic. The unit can be applied on drawbars and is extremely interesting for all applications where it’s required to continuously adapt the speed of the implement to different working conditions.

AX pump and motor, Bucher Hydraulics GmbH (Hall 17 Stand E17)

The AX hydraulic pump and motor unit has a revolutionary new design principle that consistently eliminates the existing disadvantages of today‘s hydraulic pumps and motors. It offers unmatched characteristics with regard to high efficiency, low pulsation, optimum slow-running and starting behavior as well as low noise. AX pumps are ideally suited for electrification.

INVENOX Battery Systems, INVENOX GmbH (Hall 17 Stand H12a)

Invenox battery systems rely on an innovative cell bonding technology which allows the battery system to set a new standard in terms of robustness, energy density and design flexibility to adapt to complex installation spaces. 

See the full list of nominees in DLG's original press release.