U.S. Tractor Sales Increased 18.7% in September

AEM reports tractor sales are up 5% year to date, and combine sales are up 1.8%.

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S. Jensen

September was a fairly solid month overall for retail sales of tractors and combines in the United States and Canada, according to the latest data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

Total farm tractor sales in the U.S. increased 18.7% in September compared to last year, while self-propelled combine sales increased 12.3%. Year to date, total U.S. tractor sales are up nearly 5%, while sales of self-propelled combines are up 1.8%.

Us Tractor Report

Total U.S. sales of 2-wheel-drive tractors increased 19.2% in September compared to a year ago; under 40 hp tractors sales were up 18.4%, 40-100 hp tractor sales increased a shade over 21%, and sales of 100-plus hp tractors increased 19.1%. Conversely, 4-wheel-drive tractor sales were down 5.2%.

For Canada, total farm tractor sales were up 13.7%, while sales of self-propelled combines were down 25.5%. Year-to-date, total tractor sales in Canada are down 4.4%, while sales of self-propelled combines have decreased 27.7%.

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"The numbers continue to remain solid, both in the U.S. and Canada, and are fueled by the replacement market," says Curt Blades, AEM Senior Vice President of Ag Services. "However, we continue to hear from our members real concerns about the overall ag economy."

"As farmers begin the delayed harvest season, both weather uncertainty and outstanding trade negotiations are weighing heavily on their minds," continues Blades. "We remain hopeful, however, that ratification of the USMCA will help alleviate some of the uncertainty surrounding the ag market."