CNH Invited to Discuss Strategies to Support Sustainable Agriculture at European Parliament

CNH's Antonio Marzia spoke on precision farming and the future challenges of its uptake, and how data management and upcoming EU reform could help farmers adopt new technologies.

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“Precision Farming for all,” a panel of discussion addressing how the European Union can deploy investment in sustainable agriculture took place in Brussels on March 1. The event was hosted by two components of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Paolo De Castro, First Vice-Chair of the Committee, and Jan Huitema, both Members of the European Parliament.

The working session gathered a group of experts, which gave CNH Industrial an opportunity to represent the agricultural industry and its efforts to reach the next level of productivity and sustainability. The company’s view was illustrated by Antonio Marzia, Head of Data Analytics and Services, to an audience of more than 100 representatives from institutional stakeholders and associations, including the EU Commission (DG AGRI), the Committee of Professional Agricultural Organizations (COPA), the General Committee for Agricultural Cooperation in the European Union (COGECA), Universities and relevant Research Bodies of the EU Institutions, such as STOA - Science and Technology Options Assessment.

Marzia described the company’s background and experiences in Precision Farming and its future challenges in terms of uptake. The discussion centered around the role of data management and how the upcoming Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform has the ability to help farmers adopt new technologies.

The debate amongst the panel also highlighted the importance of educating farmers on new technologies, the benefits for small scale farms and the readiness and potential growth for digital farming in Europe compared to the other markets.

Precision Farming will play a key role in addressing climate and food challenges and CNH Industrial reaffirmed its full commitment to developing the best technological solutions for the industry. Furthermore, along with the other participants, the company underlined the importance of a clear and solid investment strategy, which takes into account both the infrastructural needs and a regulatory framework for consistent data management. These are coupled with a constant dialogue with European Union Institutions and national policy makers to further raise awareness on the sustainable future of farming.