CLAAS Breaks Nebraska Tractor Test Lab Performance Records with XERION 4500 and 5000 Series

The CLAAS machines broke several records for efficiency, cab noise and pull-to-weight ratio when tested against competitive equipment.

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The Nebraska Tractor Test Lab recently completed its evaluation of the XERION 5000 and 4500 four-wheel-drive tractors by CLAAS and the final results are in. Between the two machines, several records were broken for efficiency, cab noise, pull-to-weight ratio and more.

PTO and Engine Testing

The XERION 4500 now holds the record as the most fuel-efficient tractor in the 4WD, 450-500 hp class. The XERION 4500 set records for PTO hp (hr)/gallon in Rated Engine Speed (18.33), Rated PTO Speed (19.13) and Maximum Engine Power (19.52). Both the XERION 4500 and 5000 outclassed similarly rated models in each of these three categories.

Of course, it’s not all about horsepower, it’s about what that power can do for the operator. The XERION 4500 and 5000 went head-to-head against the top competitors in engine lugging capacity, and both came out on top, setting a record for low engine speed while providing maximum torque thanks in large part to the XERION tractor’s ECCOM CVT transmission.

The XERION 4500 also set a new record in the ballasted portion of the test. By correctly weighting the XERION 4500, the pull-to-weight ratio set a new 25-year record in 4WD tractors. Dji 0018

3-Point Lifting

The XERION 5000 did very well in the 3-point hitch test, achieving a maximum force of 21,738 lbs. in the continuous lift test.

Sound Level Testing

The noise level recorded in the cab of the XERION 4500 was a record-breaking 68.5 decibels. The record was short lived, however, as the XERION 5000 tested out an even more quiet 67.0 decibels. Both tractors were quieter than a Cadillac Escalade traveling at 65 mph.

Tire vs. Tracks

There’s a common belief that tracks provide more pulling power than a tire. Results of the XERION 4500 test prove otherwise. In fact, there is actually a loss in power when a tractor with tracks pulls a load. The XERION 4500 tested with a higher maximum pull, pull difference and pull-to-weight ratio than a comparable tractor with tracks.

Complete test results are posted on the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab website:



About the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab

The Nebraska Tractor Test Lab (NTTL) is the only certified OECD code II tractor test lab in the United States. It started testing in Lincoln, NE, in 1919, and has tested more than 2,000 tractors. The lab started because of a Nebraska tractor test law that required any tractor manufacturer who wished to sell their equipment to verify their marketing claims of engine horsepower. Now, the NTTL is used by equipment manufacturers as the benchmark to compare their tractors against the competition, with no bias in the results.