Clean Truck Partnership Aims to Meet Clean Air Goals

The California Air Resources Board, leading truck manufacturers and the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association joined forces to advance the development of zero-emission vehicles.

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced a Clean Truck Partnership with the nation’s leading truck manufacturers and the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) to advance the development of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) for the commercial trucking industry.

“The unprecedented collaboration between California regulators and truck manufacturers marks a new era in our zero-emission future, where we work together to address the needs of both the trucking industry and the Californians who deserve to breathe clean air,” says CARB chair Liane Randolph. “This agreement makes it clear that we have shared goals to tackle pollution and climate change and to ensure the success of the truck owners and operators who provide critical services to California’s economy.”

From California Air Resources Board (CARB):

  • The Clean Truck Partnership, which includes Cummins, Inc., Daimler Truck North America, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, Hino Motors Limited, Inc., Izuzu Technical Center of America, Inc., Navistar, Inc., Stellantis N.V., Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association, and Volvo Group North America, marks a commitment from the companies to meet California’s vehicle standards that will require the sale and adoption of zero-emissions technology in the state, regardless of whether any other entity challenges California’s authority to set more stringent emissions standards under the federal Clean Air Act.
  • In turn, CARB will work collaboratively with manufacturers to provide reasonable lead time to meet CARB’s requirements and before imposing new regulations and to support the development of necessary ZEV infrastructure.
  • CARB will align with EPA’s 2027 regulations for nitrogen oxide emissions. CARB also will modify elements of the 2024 NOx emission regulations for which manufacturers will provide offsets as necessary to maintain California’s emission targets.
  • CARB commits to providing no less than four years lead time and at least three years of regulatory stability before imposing new requirements. 
  • Truck manufacturers commit to meeting CARB’s zero-emission and criteria pollutant regulations in the state regardless of any attempts by other entities to challenge California’s authority. 

“This agreement reaffirms EMA’s and its members’ longstanding commitment to reducing emissions and to a zero-emissions commercial vehicle future and it demonstrates how EMA and CARB can work together to achieve shared clean air goals. Through this agreement, we have aligned on a single nationwide nitrogen oxide emissions standard, secured needed lead time and stability for manufacturers, and agreed on regulatory changes that will ensure continued availability of commercial vehicles. We look forward to continuing to work constructively with CARB on future regulatory and infrastructure efforts designed to support a successful transition to ZEVs,” says EMA president Jed Mandel.