Technotrade Partners With Hainzl Group

With the move, the company becomes part of Hainzl Motion & Drives, a division of the Austria-based Hainzl Group, expanding its international presence.

Technotrade Hainzl Rebranding

As of Jan. 1, 2024, Technotrade has become a part of Hainzl Motion & Drives, a division of the Austria-based Hainzl Group. Through acquiring a 50% share in Technotrade and establishing a joint-venture with the Kejduš family, founders of the company, Hainzl expands its international market presence and adds a strong technology partner to its international company group.

According to the company:

The collaboration results in valuable synergies for both parties: Technotrade benefits from Hainzl's strong company background, wide product portfolio and long-term experience in the industrial sector. Similarly, Hainzl gains access to advanced know-how in the areas of control software development and electrification of mobile machinery.

Since 1991, Technotrade has evolved from a hydraulics part distributor into a system integrator that helps OEMs with developing state-of-the-art system solutions for off-highway machinery. Its expertise includes electronics and control software, electric drives and hydraulic systems. With 27 employees and OEM customers like Ammann Group, Kärcher, Tatra Trucks or Firstgreen Industries, Technotrade operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and is a premium partner of Danfoss Power Solutions.