Oshkosh Defense to Deliver ARFF Vehicles to U.S. Marine Corps

Oshkosh Defense will deliver an additional 54 P-19R Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting vehicles, capable of responding regardless of on- or off-road environments.

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Oshkosh Defense LLC, an Oshkosh Corporation company, announces that the U.S. Marine Corps has awarded a delivery order valued at more than $33 million for an additional 54 P-19R Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicles.  

Oshkosh expects to field the first P-19Rs in June of 2017 and in total, Oshkosh will deliver 164 P-19Rs through 2019. 

“The P-19R vehicle is a reliable, state-of-the-art expeditionary vehicle built to help firefighting crews effectively respond and carry out the mission, wherever it may be,” says Pat Williams, Vice President and General Manager of Army and Marine Corps Programs at Oshkosh Defense. “It is critical that Marines have the ability to respond quickly to situations regardless of off-road or on-road environments, and the Oshkosh P-19R delivers the next-generation capability needed to accomplish just that.”

The Oshkosh P-19R achieves “gold standard” performance in off-road environments with the Oshkosh TAK-4 independent suspension system. This technology has been used on more than 20,000 military-class vehicles, and delivers 16 in. of independent wheel travel to provide greater all-terrain performance for off-runway emergencies. In addition, the system provides the payload capacity needed to carry 1,000 gal. of water, 130 gal. of foam agent, and 500 lbs. of Halotron auxiliary firefighting agent. The roof and bumper turrets combined will discharge up to 750 gal. per minute.

The Oshkosh P-19R is also equipped with the Oshkosh Command Zone integrated control and diagnostics system. This fully-automated system provides access to vital vehicle information, and allows Marines to repair and troubleshoot vehicles, view real-time performance data and remotely access diagnostics information. The P-19R is also outfitted with advanced Striker firefighting systems from Oshkosh Airport Products, the industry-leading ARFF vehicle producer.