AM General Displays Diverse Product Portfolio at AUSA 2018

The company exhibited several vehicles which can be equipped with its newly optimized Production Chassis, and is expanding its portfolio beyond light tactical vehicles.

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Global vehicle solutions provider AM General featured products that highlight new partnerships and demonstrate new, enhanced capabilities for the company at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Oct. 8-10, 2018 Booth #8527, Hall E, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.   

"The AUSA Expo provides us the opportunity to demonstrate our key strengths as a specialized automotive and weapon systems manufacturer for our domestic and global customers," says AM General President and CEO, Andy Hove. "This year, our customers can see firsthand the truly remarkable flexibility of our HMMWV platform in addition to a lineup of new and exciting product offerings."

The company's recent contract awards to support the production of new M997A3 Ambulances, modernization of existing HMMWV fleet vehicles, and to meet international customer demand via the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) channel speaks to its robust and multifaceted business operations. Additionally, AM General continues to leverage its existing partnerships with Rock Island Arsenal and the Red River Army Depot to provide the U.S. Government with high-quality and cost-efficient solutions for the light tactical vehicle needs of today's warfighter. These programs are great examples of how AM General continues to lead the Defense Industry with highly successful Public Private Partnerships.

AM General is also expanding its product portfolio beyond light tactical vehicles. AM General's partnership with Arquus to build a 12-ton personnel carrier for the U.S. Foreign Military Sales channel is an example of how the company can maximize its expertise in manufacturing, supply chain management and full product support to bring a tremendous vehicle to U.S. Foreign Military markets.

AM General Exhibit Details

Expanding the Light Tactical Vehicle Size and Weight Spectrum building on the Production Chassis

The AM General current Production Chassis has been optimized to provide increased reliability as payload requirements continue to increase. Additionally, its flexible, nimble and lightweight design supports multiple vehicle variations across the entire size and weight spectrum for a variety of mission needs. The variants on display that have or can be outfitted with the Production Chassis (Rev1B) chassis include:

  • HMMWV with Enhanced Tactical Transportability Kit (ETT)The ETT kit reduces the standard HMMWV width by almost 9 in. for optimal transportability inside the CH-47. Featuring a payload capacity for nine soldiers, and stable firing for squad weapons, the ETT maintains the same proven and reliable rugged capabilities of the HMMWV.
  • HMMWV M1097 Rigged for Low-Velocity Air DropThe M1097 on display is rigged for a low-velocity air drop and demonstrates the flexibility and transportability of the HMMWV platform: it can go anywhere it is needed whether by sea, land, or air. The Production Chassis increases vehicle payload up to 3,000 lbs.
  • NXT 360The NXT 360 represents a next generation of the HMMWV-series platform, and the future of Light Tactical Vehicles. This evolutionary new vehicle was developed based on international customer feedback for more power, higher GVW, better ride and handling and better overall protection.

Bastion by AM General

The Bastion is a 12-ton personnel carrier based off the proven Arquus VLRA 4x4 platform that will be built in the USA by AM General. It offers a combination of tactical performance, robust capability and simplified maintenance. The armored hull features the protection against ballistic threats, mines and IEDs as well as large internal volume.