Technology News Tracker: Atlas Copco Subsidiary, Epiroc, Becomes Independent Business

On December 1st, Epiroc AB, a subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group began operating as an independent business in the U.S. under its own brand name and logo.

Epiroc will take over the mining, infrastructure and natural resources segments while Atlas Copco will focus on the industrial business.

Atlas Copco originally announced the split in January of 2017.

At the time of the announcement, Jason Smith, General Manager for Epiroc’s Customer Center said, “Atlas Copco is a large industrial organization and the board of directors saw the benefit in having a more mining-focused company. With this new set up, Epiroc will be much more focused on our industry, with the ability to advance our innovations at a quicker pace.”

In Canada Epiroc became a legal entity on September 1, 2017 and consists of over 400 employees with 20 branch offices, while the U.S. organization has 370 employees with 17 sales and service locations.

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