Volvo Ends Production of VNX Tractor, D16 Engine

Due to limited market demand, Volvo Trucks has discontinued its D16 engine and ended production of its VNX heavy-haul tractor.

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Volvo Trucks has announced it will discontinue its D16 16 L engine, as well as end production of its VNX heavy-haul tractor. The decision is due to limited market demand, with more customers opting for the company's smaller D13 engine. 

The company will continue to service D16 engines which already exist in the market. 

In response to ending production of the VNX tractor, Volvo will instead offer an X-package for its VNL tractor model which features the ride height and heavy haul attributes of the VNX. X-package tractors will be available with a Volvo D13 or Cummins X15 engine. 

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