Class 8 Orders Fall Sequentially in September, but Still Strong

ACT Research reports preliminary data shows North America Class 8 orders were down 19% compared to August, but up 90% from September 2017.

ACT Research

Preliminary North America Class 8 net order data show the industry booked 42,800 units in September, falling moderately after back-to-back record order months. Note that these numbers are preliminary. Complete industry data for September, including final order numbers, will be published by ACT in mid-October.

“Preliminary data indicate that in September, NA Class 8 orders were down 19% from August, but up 90% compared to year-ago September,” says Kenny Vieth, ACT’s President and Senior Analyst. He continues, “Through year-to-date September, Class 8 orders have totaled 397,200 units, an average monthly order intake of 44,100 units/month. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the past three months’ orders represent the three strongest order months in history, with the past three months’ Class 8 orders climbing to 711,000 units SAAR. Reaching back to June, on a seasonally adjusted basis the past four months are four of the five strongest in history.”

About medium-duty orders, Vieth comments, “Trendy medium-duty order activity continued in September, with orders rising to a four-month high. September’s preliminary NA Classes 5-7 net orders rose to 24,800 units, and over the past 12 months, orders have averaged 24,500 units/month.”