International Truck Introduces International LT MPG Package

The new Class 8 spec package delivers up to an 8% increase in fuel efficiency.

Building on its commitment to offer customers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), International Truck is introducing the International LT Series MPG Package for Fuel Efficiency.  

"At a time when every 1% improvement in fuel efficiency can save customers hundreds of dollars per truck per year, this new fuel efficiency spec package can help customers achieve major reductions in their TCO," says Michael Cancelliere, Navistar President, Truck and Parts. "In addition to savings from fuel efficiency, the LT Series MPG Package provides customers with upfront savings through cost-effective bundling of a range of aerodynamic, fuel-saving features."

The LT MPG Package's highest-efficiency spec offers proprietary and supplier-provided enhancements, including an aerodynamic chassis package, predictive cruise control, air dam and bumper seal, as well as a roof fairing and extenders, chassis skirts and energy-efficient wheel covers. This spec delivers up to an 8% improvement in fuel efficiency over the International LT Series with just the roof fairing and extenders, air dam and bumper seal.

"Spec'ing for fuel efficiency can be a complex process," Cancelliere says. "The LT MPG Package simplifies that process while reducing customer TCO."

The International LT Series MPG Package is available in day cab, 56-in. hi-rise and 73-in. hi-rise/sky-rise cab models.