Curtis Industries Receives Workforce Training Grant

Curtis Industries has received a workforce training grant to train current employees and those it intends to add by 2019.

Curtis Industries LLC has been awarded a $72,610 workforce training grant by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Grants are awarded to projects that will upgrade workers' skills, increase productivity and enhance the competitiveness of Massachusetts businesses.

The Workforce Training Fund helps companies pay for employee training in areas such as lean manufacturing, customer service, computer skills and leadership development. Grants are matched dollar-for-dollar by award recipients. 

Curtis Industries will use the grant for training 42 workers and an additional six workers expected by 2019. 

"This training grant will allow us to provide our employees the skills needed to significantly impact critical areas of our business in the areas of safety, quality, delivery and cost. This will result in higher quality, innovative products delivered defect free and on time," says Curtis President & CEO, George Psyhojos. "The benefit to the business and our people will be increased market share, strong margins, a safe work environment, engaged employees, and an expanding company where new, stable, well-paying jobs are created for our community and surrounding areas." 

The Massachusetts Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, Ronald L. Walker, II notes, "This fund helps ensure businesses remain competitive in an increasingly globalized employment environment. By focusing on developing the skill sets of our workers today we ensure that they have access to the jobs of tomorrow."

This year, 111 Massachusetts companies received grants.

This project is funded by a Workforce Training Fund grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by Commonwealth Corporation.