Samoter 2014 Holds Press Conference at INTERMAT 2012

The organizers of Samoter 2014 held a press conference at INTERMAT 2012 to announce plans for the upcoming event, such as enhancing its website and a focus on sustainability.

INTERMAT in Paris - the International Exhibition of Equipment, Machinery and Materials for the Building Industry (April 16 to 21, 2012) - was the occasion for the official presentation of Samoter 2014 to the international press, clients and category associations.

SAMOTER 2011: facts and figures of the past, challenges in the future

The 28th edition of Samoter was attended by more than 900 exhibitors (29% international from 37 countries) over a net exhibition area of 108,906 sq. m.

Visitor attendance over the four days of the event confirmed initial expectations: there were, in fact, more than 98,000 visitors - 86,200 Italian and 11,848 international (11.70%) from 110 countries, posting an increase compared to the 2008 edition of 4%.

Very interesting results emerge as regards the quality of visitors, since 70% were decision makers (managing directors, directors, company managers, owners and buyers).

Press coverage was ensured by more than 300 accredited journalists, more than 50 Italian and international media partners, and 879 articles published worldwide (676 Italian and 203 international).

The Samoter web site was also very successful, with 2 million page visits (an increase in hits of 18.6% compared to the 2008 edition), thanks also to the availability of multilingual minisites created to enhance visitor access to all information.

SAMOTER 2014: The power of sustainability

The hallmark of continuity with the 2014 edition will be sustainability, in terms of economic, social and environmental responsibility, and the effective support role in the building and earth moving field that is the special feature of Samoter, as the protagonists of the new communication concept for the 29th edition of the exhibition.

Samoter 2014, in short, resumes the topic of sustainability in the construction sector through a positive and proactive image - an operator supporting certain items of machinery, typical icons of the sector - that has the objective of representing effective support for the field by combining the power of machinery and the skills of people.

SAMOTER 2014 strengthens its positioning on international markets.

The event - and its historic fulcrum of machinery, plant and equipment for the building industry, sites and major works - today more than ever before seeks to be a landmark on a European scale and an international stage for a sector that, despite the global crisis, still drives the world economy, standing as the reference partner for companies, institutions and category associations in the construction world.

Samoter 2014 has many geographical areas of interest. As well as historic markets in the main European countries such as France, Germany and Spain, the strategy has been broadened to include the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Arabian peninsula, the Mediterranean area, central Asia, the Far East and Latin America with focused promotional and communication action as well as initiatives designed to attract more qualified buyers.

Communication and marketing

For the next edition, Samoter continues its focus on important investments in communication, confirming its attendance at all the most significant international exhibition appointments in the sector, travelling overall to around fifty countries.

To bring visitors into even closer contact with the exhibition, brochures will be prepared in multilingual versions: Italian/English, French/German, Spanish/Portuguese, Russian/Chinese, Arabic/Turkish, Rumanian/Polish.

The event site, in Italian and English, will be constantly updated and expanded with topics for analysis and links to international partners, while minisites will be presented in Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, German, Rumanian, French and Polish.

A major innovation involving the website in 2014 on the one hand will be the significantly oriented and extensive implementation of social media, first and foremost Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and youtube, while on the other there will also be the activation of a Samoter Forum as a sector platform and vehicle for promotion, communication and stimulus for effective interaction with visitors.

All this will be flanked by the launch of an Academy/Laboratory area dedicated to training initiatives that may even be held during the exhibition itself as well as events promoting the exhibition in collaboration with external partners.

A targeted Italian and international press campaign will also ensure capillary presence in sector magazines and dedicated portals, alongside agreements with important publishing groups and a massive promotional campaign - not the least through the qualified network of international delegates.

With a view to upgrading direct marketing, the emailing of regular newsletters to 80,000 selected operators continues, helping to ensure constant updates not only about the world of sector exhibitions and associations but also crossways topics such as the Italian and international market, international tenders and technical standards.

The theme of sustainability will be crossways to all event sectors through the SAMOTER SPECIALS: courses dedicated to individual trade sectors such as earth moving, concrete, road building, drilling, crushing, hoisting, vehicles and components. Every sphere is clearly identified by an icon and an identification color. A number of theme-days will back up these itineraries through events, seminars and conventions, thanks to collaboration between VeronaFiere and the main Italian and international associations.

In keeping with tradition, the 29th edition of Samoter will once again reward particularly original and avant-garde creativity, design and products/services in the market through the Technical Innovation Competition, dedicated to producers of machinery and technologies, and the Samoter International Award assigned in recognition of efforts promoting development and success in sites on a national and international scale.

Samoter and WOC Renew Cooperative Agreement

Building on the success of a cooperative agreement signed in 2009, Veronafiere and Hanley Wood Exhibitions have announced a new cooperative agreement that will provide for a mutual exchange of services and marketing programs benefiting Hanley Wood’s World of Concrete (WOC) and Veronafiere’s Samoter trade shows. The agreement, which will cover WOC 2013 and 2014 and Samoter 2014, will include various cross-marketing activities. As part of the agreement, WOC will have an expanded exhibit presence at Samoter 2014, to showcase key elements of the show, such as decorative concrete.