March Class 5 to 8 truck orders decrease 2% from 2014

ACT Research reports preliminary data shows orders for Class 5 to 8 trucks in March fell 2% compared to March 2014.

ACT Research

March was the first month in the past six in which Classes 5 to 8 medium-duty (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) orders fell below the 50,000 unit mark. For the month, 44,700 Classes 5 to 8 vehicle orders were booked, down 2% compared the March 2014 (±5%). Note: these numbers are preliminary. Actual numbers will be published in mid-April.

“As expected, Class 8 order activity moderated into March as 25,100 NA net orders were booked (24.4k SA),” says Steve Tam, VP-Commercial Vehicle Sector. “Down 9% compared to last year, March’s orders marked the end of a 25 month streak of consecutive year-over-year gains. Rather than signaling weakness in the market, March’s lower intake is more akin to turning the tap down as the pool nears the full mark.”

MD orders extended their run of year-over-year gains, with six of the past seven months now showing positive. For the month, Classes 5 to 7 net orders slipped to 19,600 units, down 1% from February, but up 8% compared to a year ago. Seasonal adjustment discounts March’s activity, pulling the month’s orders down to 19,100 units.