EIMA to Feature Salon Focused on Development of Urban Agriculture and Gardening

The EIMA M.i.A. salon will feature greenery, bio-architecture and innovative technologies for the creation of urban and peripheral greenery.


The 2016 edition of EIMA M.i.A salon on multifunctional agriculture scheduled for November 9-13 in Bologna will be staged in an impressive scenographic setting featuring avant-garde themes associated with the upcoming EIMA International, the great exposition of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Unlike past editions, the multifunctional salon will not be located in the trade fair quarters but in the Congress Center adjacent to the fair grounds, close to the Piazza Costituzione entrance. The new M.i.A location will provide access to the trade fair quarters directly from inside the salon and allow furnishings with great impact for a public able to witness designs of greenery, bio-architecture and innovative technologies to apply today for the creation of urban and peripheral greenery. Visitors to M.i.A will be presented with installations of greenery, walls adorned with plants, strip garden systems, solutions for using biomaterials for urban furnishings in an area exhibiting, other than mechanical means, also technologies and systems for multifunctional agricultural activities. These range from land management, the maintenance of green areas, agritourism and recreational activities in rural settings, as well as ways and means for the development of relations between municipal spaces and agricultural areas in the near future.

Gianluca Cristoni, President of the Biohabitat Foundation and a coordinator of work in the salon, declares, "Already today we are seeing a recovery of agriculture in urban settings because relations with nature, an awareness of the seasons, the act of cultivating the land as a fundamental anthropological perspective experience are moving strongly into the debate on the quality of life and the fate of urban areas themselves. After a lengthy era in which the city invaded the countryside with phenomena of laying concrete and frantic urbanization, a season is beginning for the countryside to reappropriate urban areas with the introduction of farming activities on the outskirts with the spread of urban vegetable plots and the arrival of agricultural crops and public and private gardens."

He went on to say, "EIMA M.i.A intends to document and promote all this."

The multifunctional salon will be organized around precise points of theme reference: Green Shared where agriculture is to be shown as an interdisciplinary activity for inspiring evolution in locations and lifestyle; the Materials Village created in collaboration with Material ConneXion Italia as a platform for events and initiatives dedicated to promoting companies producing biomaterials and the support of bioagriculture; Biodiversity World built around the idea that adding multifunctional to agriculture can also preserve the wealth of species and historic memory of primary sector work; finally, the Green Maker to bring to the fore the issue of training to attain professional qualifications needed to plan and create green areas on which the quality of our lives increasingly depend