Power Systems Research Moves European Office to New Location

Power Systems Research has moved its European Office to a new location in Brussels, Belgium.

Power Systems Research announces that its European office has moved to a new location, Avenue Lloyd George 6, Brussels, Belgium.

The move supports their international growth strategy as they continue to increase their market research capability and capacity. The new offices create an environment that balances collaborative team work with adequate space for creative thinking and problem solving.

"We are delighted to move to our new office space," says Kamini Patel, Vice President Power Systems Research, Europe. "This move supports our clients' growing needs for local market research and intelligence. Power Systems Research is recognized globally as the only independent source that can provide market data and forecast information for the power products and drivetrain industry. Our global customers are increasingly demanding customised research studies to guide their strategic marketing, business development and primary research activities."

Power Systems Research has been present in Brussels for over 20 years. The European Office provides market intelligence, consulting and market research support to global engine, equipment and components manufacturers.