Comer Industries do Brasil has been incorporated, and operations begin October 1

Comer Industries do Brasil became incorporated on August 26 and begins operations in the Brazilian marketplace as of October 1.

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In line with the geographic expansion process included in Comer Industries strategic plan, on August 26 Comer Industries do Brasil was incorporated.

The new subsidiary has its place of business in Limeira, State of São Paulo and will import and distribute all Comer Industries products on the local market.

Comer Industries has been exporting products to Brasil since several years, where it collaborates with a local distributor in agricultural mechanization sector.

"I am particularly proud to announce the incorporation of our new Brazilian subsidiary," says Giuliano Spaggiari, Vice President Strategy and Business Development, "because the new local organization will give us direct access to one of the most promising markets for our products. Establishing Comer Industries do Brasil is a very important milestone in the globalization process part of our strategic plan."