Yanmar Establishes Office in Turkey to Pursue Growing Market Potential

Yanmar has established in office in Turkey as the country is projected to have continued economic growth in both the agricultural and construction markets.

Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. on August 31 announced the opening of a representative office in the Republic of Turkey on August 24. With the growth of the Turkish economy on the rise, Yanmar is currently intensifying data collection and marketing efforts in the local market.

Background and aims for Yanmar's Representative Office in Turkey

With the upcoming 2023 marking 100 years since its founding as a nation, Turkey has maintained a high GDP growth rate over recent years, and with further growth projected, it is one of the Middle East's major economic powers. As Turkey ranks number one in Europe for agricultural GDP and is positioned 7th amongst the world's major agricultural powers, Yanmar is projecting expansion of sales from its prime business in agricultural equipment.

Additionally, with high demand for construction and thriving maritime trade in Turkey, Yanmar's compact construction machinery and marine vessel engines are expected to be in stable demand as well, thus providing big business opportunities and bright prospects for Yanmar. By establishing the representative office, Yanmar plans to swiftly gain deeper understanding of the specific needs of customers in the region and strengthen its marketing performance in order to establish a firm foothold in the Turkish market.