Cab System for John Deere Gator XUV and HPX Models

Curtis Industries announces the release of a cab system for XUV and HPX models of the John Deere Gator.

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Curtis Industries has introduced a commercial grade cab system for John Deere Gator XUV and HPX models.

  • All steel construction
  • Fits 2013 and prior year models
  • Provides all-season protection
  • Offers all-weather solutions to users' needs for better ventilation, flexibility, strength and long-lasting value
  • Mounts directly to vehicle's factory OPS in about three hours
  • Costs about 20% less than all-glass cabs
  • Tight-seal doors won’t shatter like an all-glass door and can be removed in under a minute  
  • Offers superior ventilation with the use of wide, dual sliding windows in both the doors and rear panel, providing maximum airflow from all angles
  • Flexible, flow-through ventilation eliminates any “greenhouse” effect to driver and passenger, keeping the interior of the cab more comfortable in all seasons
  • Durable, venting glass windshield is manufactured with double-strength reinforced laminated glass and meets industry safety regulations
  • Laminated windshield offers a locking, venting position and includes a heavy-duty 12V wiper
  • Options include tuck-away heater that is discreetly mounted to provide more legroom, protecting the passenger’s knees in off-road riding environments
  • Heater provides multidirectional airflow and flexible outlet options including defrost
  • Includes full range of LED safety strobe and work lights, mirrors
  • Snow and ice equipment may be purchased separately
  • Currently available as a two-passenger cab, with a four-passenger model to be released in the future
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