Massey Ferguson debuting 8700 Series high-horsepower tractors

Massey Ferguson will debut its 8700 Series high-horsepower tractors with CVT transmissions and redesigned cab at World Ag Expo.

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Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, will introduce and display the 8700 Series high-horsepower tractors at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. Growers looking for a tractor to help them accomplish more each day need look no further than the 8700 Series. Featuring powerful AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engines, hefty hydraulics, industry-leading CVT transmissions and a redesigned cab that raises the bar on comfort, these robust machines deliver unparalleled performance while maximizing operator comfort around the dairy or in the field.

“The 8700 Series tractors deliver all the power and capability our customers demand with advanced features that boost fuel economy and enhance operator comfort for longer, more productive days in the field,” says Conor Bergin, Product Marketing Manager, High Horsepower Tractors. “And, these tractors are built with pride in Jackson, MN, by a team committed to meeting the quality demands and productivity needs of modern growers.”

With five models ranging from 270 to 370 maximum engine horsepower with 900 to 1,136 ft.-lbs. of torque, the 8700 Series allows growers to match the optimal model to their operation.

Unparalleled power, strength and fuel economy

AP84-4 engines power all five models in the 8700 Series. Now with twin turbochargers, these power plants feature Engine Power Management (EPM) technology to actively manage performance. The EPM system works in harmony with the electronic fuel injection system and the transmission to optimize performance, delivering a high torque rise at low RPMs and boosting horsepower for today’s demanding agricultural applications.

The new CYCLAIR cooling package improves cooling capability without increasing the size of any cooling system components, so growers get more efficient, effective cooling without compromising forward visibility. The hood and grill have been modified to increase intake airflow, while additional vents on the side let warm air out. A bypass system manages airflow to the intercooler while maintaining valuable airflow to the radiator.

The AP84-4 engines in each 8700 Series model provide more torque and horsepower, improved fuel efficiency, plus longer service intervals — now 500 hours, versus 400 hours for previous models.

Hefty hydraulic capability

Enhanced engine power isn’t the only upgrade for the 8700 Series tractors — hydraulic capacity has been increased significantly to 54 gpm. The updated hydraulic system provides more consistent, stable flow, so operators can tackle any task that comes their way. A 21-spline front PTO is also available from the factory, providing 1,000 RPM, counterclockwise rotation. The front three-point hitch is great for tackling tasks like mowing or blowing snow.

Smooth and intuitive transmission

The advanced Dyna-VT CVT transmission utilizes Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) to synchronize engine and transmission performance. Operators can choose their ground speed, and with just the push of a button, DTM automatically matches the most efficient engine speed, holds the ground speed, and maintains power under the load. This set-it-and-forget-it technology frees operators to concentrate on other tasks, while optimizing power, fuel efficiency and productivity.

Redesigned cab raises the bar for comfort

The 8700 Series introduces a redesigned cab to help operators stay at the top of their game. In addition to comfortable seating, clear sight lines and OptiRide Plus cab suspension, the cab features an ergonomic interior to maximize productivity.  

The bright, easy-to-read SIS (setup and information screen) simplifies navigation with a 50% larger screen that’s 10 times higher in resolution than the previous screen. Important settings and controls are now conveniently grouped together on one B-pillar. The ergonomic armrest provides fingertip control of key functions like hydraulics and PTO.

Each 8700 Series model comes equipped with new Auto-Guide 3000 fully integrated into the cab. The precision farming package features a simple Go Mode so operators can get in and start enjoying improved productivity and efficiency with minimal startup time.

Growers can explore the 8700 Series tractors in detail at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. The Massey Ferguson exhibit will feature a unique “behind-the-scenes look” at the new 8700 Series, highlighting the engine, frame, CVT transmission, final drive and axles; plus, a detailed working cutaway of the CVT transmission.