Type KFB 01 Hydraulic Joystick

HAWE Hydraulics introduces the type KFB 01 hydraulic joystick to provide reliable remote operation.

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HAWE Hydraulics introduces the hydraulic joystick type KFB 01 which is designed for hydraulic actuation of proportional directional spool valves. These on their part, serve to control the direction of movement of hydraulic consumers and also provide load-independent, stepless control of their speed of movement.

  • Enables convenient operation of proportional directional spool valves by hand from any other location
  • Features a control pressure range of maximum 435 PSI (30 bar), with various pressure ranges available
  • Available as an individual valve or as a valve bank with a maximum of ten sections enabling up to ten consumers to be controlled
  • Fabrication from hardened components ensures long service life because
  • Sensitive components integrated into a closed housing for protection against dirt
  • Hand lever actuation available in spring-centered version or with detent
  • Works as pilot valve for hydraulic functions in mobile applications where joystick control is desired but electronic systems cannot be employed
  • Can provide redundant back-up for an electric actuating system
  • Applications include mining machinery or drilling equipment in explosion hazardous environments
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