APEM XS Series Fingertip Joystick

The XS Series fingertip joystick has a low profile design measuring less than 45 mm above panel to easily fit into various applications.

Xs Series (1)
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APEM’s XS Series fingertip joystick features a reduced height for easy navigation in small spaces and compact mounting footprint for comfort, safety and durability in outdoor environments.

  • Two axis Hall effect joystick
  • Features reduced panel height to provide precise fingertip control
  • Measures less than 45 mm (1.8 in.)
  • Allows for unimpeded access to other devices located on control panel
  • Compact, low profile design reduces risk of inadvertent operation as well as damage when mounted in handheld mobile devices that are prone to accidental drops
  • Includes redundant Hall effect sensors for more than 10 million operations
  • IP66 above-panel sealed and considered Sil2 compatible, suiting use in outdoor applications where safety is critical 
  • Features metal mechanism
  • Analog or PWM outputs

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