EH-3000 Electronic Hand Throttle And Position Control

Kongsberg Automotive's EH-3000 utilizes vSense sensor technology for reliable vehicle control.

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The EH-3000 Electronic Hand Throttle and Position Control is the latest control to utilize Kongsberg Automotive’s leading vSense sensor technology. Designed for the rigors of construction, agricultural and industrial vehicle control, the EH-3000 is intended for use with electronic engines as a hand operated throttle control or as a position control unit.

  • Provides easy installation and mounting, flexibility of input mechanisms, and variability of angular movement
  • vSENSE Hall effect non-contact sensor provides accuracy and reliability
  • Adaptable for a wide range of electronic control applications requiring a robust, durable design
  • Compact and fully sealed for extended service life in harsh environments
  • Includes multiple sensor output options
  • May be calibrated to meet customer’s exact requirements
  • Allow use as a stand alone product or in conjunction with other products to create a complete control system 
  • Analog and PWM sensors available
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