CS3HD Ultra-Rugged Joystick

J.R. Merritt introduces its CS3HD ultra-rugged joystick which features a Hall-effect sensor.

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J.R. Merritt introduces its ultra-rugged, CS3HD joystick with Hall-effect sensor.

  • Available with 1-, 2- or 3-axis control
  • Standard and custom options include a Hall-effect twist third axis with spring return to center
  • Durable 10 mm diameter operating shaft and robust internal mechanism make well suited for use with FG-5 universal hand grip
  • FG-5 multi-function grip is used for left-hand or right-hand operation and includes longer barrel for operators with large hands or gloves
  • Removable face plate can be configured with combination of buttons, thumbwheels, rocker switches and toggles
  • Features compact, heavy-duty package
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