NZ Series Compact Switch Joysticks

APEM's NZ Series compact switch joysticks provides an above-panel option that mimics the look of joysticks and toggle switches.

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APEM Inc. introduces the NZ Series of compact switch joysticks. The NZ Series is designed for control of either machine functions or menu navigation.

  • Offers above panel options that mimic the look of either a joystick or toggle switch
  • Provides IP67 panel sealed, two axes control in a compact below panel housing
  • Two switch options available
  • Constructed with gold plated silver alloy contacts to provide reliable switching at low current levels
  • Rated for 2A and 100mA respectively
  • Open square gate allows user to move freely in 360 degrees
  • Omni-direction movement enables user to move in a diagonal direction which yields a contact on two switches simultaneously
  • As a standard option, may be factory fitted with an anodized aluminum limiter plate, limiting the travel to just NSEW or NS directions
  • Includes alternate handle selection and a Polyimide Flexi Tail termination option
  • Rated for 1 million operations
  • Features operating temperature range of -25 to 50 C
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