Penny & Giles JC1200 Paddle Joystick

Curtis-Wright's Penny & Giles brand has debuted the JC1200 paddle joystick featuring non-contacting Hall effect sensing technology for long operating life.

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Curtiss-Wright Corporation announces its Industrial division has launched the JC1200, a next-generation, cost-effective paddle joystick from the corporation’s brand family of Penny & Giles. 

  • Use of long-life bearing system and non-contacting Hall effect sensing technology enables long operating life of 25 million cycles
  • Provides smooth and easy-to-operate functionality
  • Under-panel depth of 9 mm ensures minimal installation space required
  • Delivers spring-loaded return-to-center or return-to-end paddle movement
  • Integrated panel seal and IP67 protection makes suitable for outside use
  • Choice of nine colored paddle ‘Tabs’ which can be factory fitted or supplied separately and added as part of the final customer installation process
  • Features 5V DC supply voltage
  • Option for factory-programmable electronics configured to one of two analog voltage output ranges (0.5 to 4.5V or 1.0 to 4.0V)
  • Provides safety functionality via dual outputs which can be set to positive or negative ramps, or a combination of both, offering system designers option to compare output signals for error checking
  • Well suited for use in control panels and armrests found in industrial trucks, agricultural equipment and construction machinery
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