J. R. Merritt’s FG5 Multi-Function Handle

The FG5 multi-function handle from J.R. Merritt can be mounted in left- or right-handed configurations and can include various combinations of buttons, thubwheels and switches.

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J.R. Merritt’s FG5 multi-function handle is the latest addition to its range of FG fighter grips.

  • Meets NEMA-4 requirements
  • Features longer throat for large-handed or gloved operators
  • For both left- and right-hand mounting
  • Includes twist third-axis Hall-effect signal with spring return to center
  • Removable panel can be configured with a combination of different buttons, thumbwheels, rocker switches and toggles
  • Faceplate can accommodate up to seven push buttons in addition to a true trigger
  • Compatible with J. R. Merritt’s CS3VHD, PRO4, XLVNSO, VNSO, VNS2, NNSO and NS3 joystick controllers, as well as all standard 8 mm shaft couplings


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