OTTO G2 Commander Grip

The OTTO G2 Commander Grip includes a USB option which supports up to 18 buttons and eight analog inputs.

Commander Grip Front And Side
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OTTO's latest version of the G2 Commander Grip features a USB option.

  • Cast from aluminum alloy to ensure durability in demanding applications
  • Standard G2 Commander Grip offers nine different faceplate configurations that include pushbutton, toggle, transducer, split trim and Hall Effect switches
  • Thousands of custom faceplate configurations possible
  • Grip body has 10 potential switch location options
  • Enhanced with USB option that enumerates as a standard human interface device (HID) joystick
  • No software drivers are required
  • Internal USB device supports up to 18 buttons and eight analog inputs
  • Easy to install, though some calibration may be needed
  • Suitable for use in military, aerospace and industrial applications
  • Available as xed grip or can be mounted on joystick
  • Operator presence and trigger options
  • Tested to withstand a 265 lb. load
  • Grip is sealed to IP68S (subject to change based on switch choice)
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