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The display and key functions of the ELD06, ELD07 and ELD08 displays from HydraForce are easily programmed with the Display Configurator software tool.

  • User interface of the display can easily be designed on the PC by someone with little or no programming knowledge
  • Arrangement of display screens and the mapping of important functions to softkeys all take place by the click of a mouse
  • Work is displayed on the PC screen in real-time before you upload the file to the display
  • Interactive screen view and menus can easily be created, arranged and separated into sub-menus
  • Views and menus can be password protected so they are only accessible to the proper personnel
  • Every screen view can be freely designed using text elements, bitmaps, bar diagrams, pointer instruments, animations, geometric fi gures, and numeric representations
  • Facilitates graphics with 8-bit color depth (ELD06 and ELD08), and up to 256 bits of color, and the ability to superimpose video clips with 18-bit of color depth when
  • using the ELD07 Display
  • Configuration kit includes all necessary software, a termination resistor and USB confi guration cable
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