DSE E400 & E800 Engine Control Modules

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Designed and manufactured in the U.K. by Deep Sea Electronics plc (DSE), the E400 and E800 engine controls have been engineered to offer features such as flexibility to standardize on one product while covering many different applications.

  • Settings can be easily changed using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software and via the front of the modules
  • PIN protection is provided to prevent accidental or unauthorized alteration of the operating parameters, sequences, timers and alarms
  • Information showing engine protections, status, alarms and an eight event scheduler, is displayed on the LCD screen in multiple language options, making the unit suitable for overseas projects
  • DSE E400, is compact, waterproof, and features a combination of 11 multi-flex and digital inputs, a dedicated emergency stop input and 7 configurable outputs
  • DSE E800 has 23 configurable digital and ratiometric inputs, 8 configurable DC and PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs, remote communications and sophisticated data logging and trending
  • Both the DSE E800 and E400 controllers are compatible with conventional engines and the latest Tier IV electronic (CAN) engines,  providing built-in governor control, pump control (Fill, Empty, Maintain Full, Maintain Empty), automatic and manual speed control including speed ramping, clutch control and flexible automatic start control
  • The CAN features include full diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration management to help prolong the life of the engine
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