KAntrak 1700 Display

Kongsberg Automotive announces KAntrak 1700 display.

Kantrak17 10107777
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The compact KAntrak 1700 display complements the existing KAntrak product range from Kongsberg Automotive.

  • Allows user to easily monitor critical engine parameters such as oil pressure and water temperature
  • Provides alarm system to alert user when the ECU detects an engine fault
  • Ideally suited for use on low power vehicles and equipment such as small construction machines, generators and agricultural equipment
  • 2.3 in. graphical high resolution Dot Matrix LCD display
  • IP67 Protection Rating
  • Operating temperature -30 to 75 C
  • Adjustable backlighting
  • 3 buttons provide easy navigation through software screens
  • Alarm output and fuel sensor input standard
  • Basic icon, bar graphs and alphanumeric display
  • CE approved design


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