Universal Instrument Panel (UIP-S)

Ametek Vehicular Instrumentation Systems offers a highly customizable universal instrument panel.

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AMETEK Vehicular Instruments Systems (VIS) has added the UIP-S Universal Instrument Panel-Specialized to its UIP family of dashboard displays. The UIP-S instrument display is based on AMETEK's field-proven Next Generation Instrumentation (NGI) architecture that can be easily customized to fit a wide range of vehicle categories with minimal time and no tooling costs.

  • Compact design with a high-impact black ABS housing and scratch-resistant clear cover
  • Equipped with 42 telltales, 4 minor gauges, 2 major gauges and a 2 line x 20 character LCD display
  • Communications received through a J1939 CAN data bus, analog sensors or discrete switches
  • Contains advanced micro-stepper motors with increased resolution for smooth needle movement
  • Indicates J1939 CAN engine and transmission data, fuel usage, service data as well as diagnostics, fault codes and self-test capability
  • Two switches with tactile feedback provide a user interface, and a multi-language capability ensures increased functionality
  • Meets all SAE J1455 and J1113 requirements for vehicular instrumentation  
  • Both new and retrofit applications and are appropriate for a wide range of vehicles, including road-building and construction equipment, trucks and other commercial vehicles, buses, coaches and recreational vehicles, earth-moving and mining equipment, utility and emergency vehicles, farm vehicles and agricultural equipment
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