Grayhill Series 3D Vehicle Display

Grayhill Series 3D now has a larger 10.4-inch SVGA display.

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Grayhill, Inc. is growing their line of Rugged Displays for Off-Highway Vehicles. The 3D104 integrates a 10.4-inch SVGA LCD with a powerful embedded computer in a rugged and sealed housing.

  • For use with monitoring gauges, diagnostic menus and video feeds
  • 25% increase in pixel resolution
  • System designers have the option of displaying larger on-screen graphics or fitting more applications on the screen simultaneously
  • Back-lit display provides a wide color range and high brightness/contrast specifications
  • Larger size display makes it easier to read, even from a distance
  • Runs three simultaneous video feeds smoothly by integrating a fast processor 
  • Utilizes Windows CE or Linux 
  • Includes a large quantity and variety of connections such as a USB host port, an ethernet port and two serial ports
  • 3 CAN-bus ports facilitate communication with the vehicle's ECU while 3 NTSC/PAL video inputs enable simultaneous camera views
  • Also has 3-in and 2-out general purpose digital I/O
  • Operator can choose a touchscreen option or seven soft-keys positioned beneath the display
  • Keys are either back-lit or laser engraved with custom legends
  • CAN-bus Keypads or the Vehicle Display Controller (VDC) can also interface with applications running on the display. 
  • Performs in extreme temperatures where exposure to sunlight, driving rain and snow are common
  • Protects against the ingress of liquids, dust and dirt with a display housing sealed to IP67
  • Withstands off-road vibration and shock  



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