Maxima's vertical color display provides sunlight readability.

Maxima Vcd1 10253357
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Maxima Technologies & Systems, LLC, designed the Vertical Color Display-1 (VCD-1) for applications in which line of sight is a crucial issue, including construction equipment such as excavators, lift trucks and specialty vehicles.

  • Measures 7.4-in. by 4.3-in. by 2.7-in. and weighs just 0.7 lbs. 
  • Features TFT with exceptional screen resolution—272 x 480, 262k colors—and sunlight readability
  • LED backlighting ensures TFT background and indicators are easy to read
  • Screen features anti-reflective glass lens with optional anti-fog coating 
  • Utilizes Maximizer, a Windows-based design tool
  • Has four sealed tactile push-buttons 
  • Four configurable outputs include high-side output to drive buzzer, low-side input to drive relay, ignition input and battery input
  • Operates in severe environments from -20C to 70C and can be stored in environments from -30C to 80C
  • SAE-compliant for vibration and salt spray
  • Electrical system is fully protected with reverse polarity and transients including load-dump, over-voltage and ESD
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