DP600LX Series PLUS+1 Compliant Mobile Machine Displays

Sauer-Danfoss announces the release of its PLUS+1 compliant DP600LX Series Mobile Machine Displays.

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Sauer-Danfoss introduces the PLUS+1 compliant DP600LX Series Mobile Machine Displays, which are designed to meet the increasing demands of electronic system control and monitoring. 

  • Offers robust display platform and backward compatibility
  • Provides bright and powerful night viewability
  • Includes more powerful processor, updated operating system and features, and enhanced viewability 
  • Provides next-generation color and monochrome graphical displays for both in-cab and open-air applications
  • Features high-resolution, transflective thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display with eight soft keys and six buttons for navigation
  • User-programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE (graphical user integrated development environment)
  • Multimedia capability and 532 MHz clock speed enable ARM-11 processor to perform 10 times faster  
  • Graphics update two to three times faster and application execution is five to 10 times quicker
  • Processor is capable of supporting higher screen resolution
  • Runs on versatile Linux operating system, which allows use of screen editor in the Sauer-Danfoss GUIDE tool chain or an alternative screen editor
  • Incorporates 15-bit true color and optional optically bonded LCD/lens technology to provide enhanced viewability
  • Optically bonded LCD/lens technology enhances clarity, increases sunlight visibility and prevents fogging by eliminating air gap between lens and LCD module
  • Includes two external video inputs for providing system overview
  • Supports NTSC and PAL video feeds, offering global compatibility with regional formats and cameras
  • USB host support allows the download of machine application log data to a USB memory stick (GUIDE 5.0 required)
  • Offers wider voltage range (9 to 70V DC)
  • 16 MB of application and logging memory provides increased capacity to store machine operating data


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