Voyager ToughCam 7 in. Digital Wireless Observation System

ASA Electronics introduces its Voyager ToughCam 7 in. wireless observation system which supports up to three cameras.

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ASA Electronics introduces the Voyager ToughCam 7 in. digital wireless observation system, also known as the WVOS7MDCL1B.

  • Supports up to three cameras, one wireless and two wired
  • Large, easy-to-see monitor provides crystal clear picture of any function not viewable from driver’s seat
  • Includes WiSight technology which helps eliminate dangerous blind spots and visibility limitations 
  • WiSight digitally locks camera to the monitor, blocking all outside signals along with eliminating interference and noise typical of analog wireless systems
  • Features strong signal that transmits through and around objects up to 60+ feet
  • 7 in. screen provides viewers with sharp, vivid picture of  vehicle surroundings
  • Monitor features a suction cup mount so it can be attached to windshield and easily be transported between vehicles
  • Built-in speaker and convenient front controls for power on/off, brightness adjustment and volume control are included on monitor
  • Camera includes wide viewing angles, infrared LED illumination for low light performance, built-in microphone and mirror image orientation
  • Easily connects to running lights or other 12V power source
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