IS1000 Infrared Imaging System

The IS1000 Infrared Imaging System from Phoenix converts heat signatures of objects in its field of view to images displayed on an in-cab monitor.

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Phoenix Products Company's IS1000 is a sealed infrared imaging system ruggedized to operate in severe environments characterized by airborne debris, shock and vibration. 

  • Imager converts heat signatures of object in its field of view to images which are displayed on an in-cab monitor
  • Enables operators to see more clearly through dust, fog, rain, snow and smoke, enhancing safety and productivity
  • Uses passive infrared technology, which requires fewer parts, less space and is less expensive as well as easier to maintain
  • Passive infrared provides a clearer image through environmental obstructions
  • Imager features a 320 x 240 VOx uncooled LWIR sensor
  • Offers visible range of 985 feet (300 m), which is three to four times that of headlights
  • Imager is hermetically sealed against airborne particulates
  • Includes a built-in heater and a less than one second to image start up
  • Monitor has a steel housing while imager has a marine-grade aluminum housing
  • Multi-lane, free-floating diaphragms isolate imager from shock and vibration
  • Imager features IP66 rating, and -40 to 176 F (-40 to 80 C) operating temperature 
  • Monitor screen is a daylight/sunlight viewable LCD flat panel with anti-reflective coating
  • Standard monitor measures 15 in., though smaller sizes are available
  • Monitor is rated to IP65 and absorbs shock up to 50g
  • System can be customized to meet individual application requirements
  • Designed for installation on mining equipment such as shovels, haul trucks and draglines
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