Full Programmable Cluster

The Full Programmable Cluster from Continental features a 12-inch full color display that provides vehicle operators with the necessary information for vehicle monitoring and control.

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Continental has developed an electronic solution which supplies precise information on work processes in the farming industry. The Full Programmable Cluster (FPC) is one of the latest innovations.

  • Features high-definition color display and cutting-edge Human Machine Interface Software toolchain
  • Offers information necessary for simplified control and use of machinery
  • Operators can monitor work processes, query information on the driver, vehicle and working conditions, and intervene if necessary
  • Presents information in the form of widgets, texts, 2D and 3D graphics, animations and videos
  • Allows prioritization of displayed information according to the context
  • Features 12-inch color display which comes with a HD resolution in 8:3 format
  • Includes interfaces for CAN, LVDS, audio, Ethernet, USB and I/O for displaying information from other components of the vehicle
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