SMART Cluster

maximatecc introduces its SMART cluster which integrates advanced display technology with HMI functionalities.

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maximatecc presents the SMART cluster, featuring modern instrumentation integrated with advanced display technology and other HMI functionality for efficient control of machinery.

  • Combines traditional instrumentation solutions from Maxima Technologies with advanced display solutions from CrossControl
  • Features high-performance computing core with full-fledged operating system support
  • Applications may be customized for equipment through embedded manuals, fault tracing support and graphical user interfaces for specific vehicle functions
  • Generic functionalities can be used as well for navigation, reversing camera monitoring or Eco-driving
  • Allows OEMs to implement the same infotainment and user support systems found in modern cars
  • Formed with a platform approach to enable cluster designs which meet the needs of a specific OEM application while reducing time to market because cluster is based on proven platform design
  • OEMs can leverage continuous improvements on the platform, such as performance upgrades and new software components
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