Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) announces the release of its X25 color touchscreen console, with 8-inch display, designed for productivity and ease-of-use.

  • Offers full-featured precision machine control and high-accuracy auto-steering in a smaller package  
  • Features next generation processor platform while leveraging the same core Horizon software from the X30 display
  • Includes drag and drop menus, configurable mini views, dashboard and ISO compatibility
  • Provides year-round precision tools in a single package designed to eliminate cab clutter, including guidance, auto-steering, planter and seeder control, application control and mapping
  • Offers full range of steering patterns including AB line, identical curve, pivot, and controlled traffic, and Topcon feature GuideLock
  • Working modes include Topcon ASC-10 based section control (up to 30 sections), ISO-based section control (up to 32 sections), spinner/spreader control, sprayer control, straight rate
  • Includes variable rate product control, row crop planter interface, and compatibility with boom leveling via ISO 
  • Mapping and documentation includes PDF job reports, as-applied data, ISO TaskData, HD prescription mapping support, import/export .shp file, import/export ISOXML and compatibility with Topcon SGIS data management software                    
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