HY-eVision Operator Displays

TTControl's HY-eVision operator displays are available in a 10.4-inch touchscreen version or 7-inch version.

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TTControl, a joint-venture company of TTTech Computertechnik AG and Hydac International GmbH, has introduced the first two displays within its HY-eVision2 product family.

  • Provides maximum resolution, programmability with CoDeSys 3.x, and user-friendliness through the ability to display PDF documents
  • Modularly designed
  • Two versions available, a large 10.4-inch variant with a touchscreen and a smaller 7-inch version
  • Robustly designed
  • Features fast boot-up time - from power-on it takes an average of 10 seconds for the display to be ready for use
  • Offers high resolution up to HD, allowing clear display that can be further increased using 3D effects
  • Built-in USB port enables operating data to easily be transported and new application software to be installed
  • Platform is also scalable
  • Graphical elements that were developed for a VGA display can be scaled up to XGA resolution, and thus continue to be used
  • Picture-in-picture function enables software-controlled superimposition of a camera image onto the cockpit
  • Window size is freely configurable, and an overlay effect is also possible
  • Includes functionality to see PDFs as well as free movement within them for zooming in and out
  • Easy-to-use programming platform CoDeSys 3.x with specific additions, such as transparency effects, is part of the standard package
  • CoDeSys 3.x offers vehicle manufacturers plenty of freedom with respect to usability and ergonomics of their HMI design
  • Able to take over control functions or the role of a CAN gateway
  • Includes multiple CAN channels and Ethernet, and an integrated GPS module or GSM modem
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