CCpilot XM2

maximatecc introduces the CCpilot XM2 featuring improved computing power and graphics performance.

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maximatecc launches CCpilot XM2, an upgraded version of the CCpilot XM introduced in 2011.

  • Features Intel Atom E3826, dual core 1.46 GHz main CPU
  • Provides improved computing power compared to its predecessor – in many benchmark tests it has proven to be two to three times faster
  • Graphics performance has been radically improved through the Intel HD Graphics Gen 7 Graphics Processing Unit with native support in Linux, offering hardware accelerated rendering of 2D, 3D vector graphics
  • Computing performance combined with the LinX Software Suite, an open software applications platform based on Qt, makes it possible to create advanced user interface systems and premium graphics with limited software engineering effort
  • Industrial grade CPU
  • Temperature range of -25 to 70 C, with ability to run full CPU load over the entire range
  • CFAST storage provides faster and safer writing to hard drive
  • Sturdy enclosure as well as connectors and external interfaces are kept identical to the old CCpilot XM, enabling easy upgrade from the predecessor
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