At Agritechnica 2015, AMAZONE announced the release of its ISOBUS AMAPAD operator terminal featuring a 12-inch touchscreen and the ability to program various equipment functionalities for easier operation.

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With the ISOBUS AMAPAD operator terminal, AMAZONE offers a complete solution for machine operation, from GPS applications such as automatic part-width section control to precision farming applications, including the processing of application maps.

  • Features 12.1-inch touchscreen and “MiniView concept”
  • Enables operation of specific implement functions via Auxiliary Control New (AUX-N) so functions can be controlled by other tools such as a multi-function joystick, helping to ease use of complex equipment
  • AUX-N operating system features freely programmable keys enabling operators to allocate a function to a key according to their preference
  • Includes learning mode for AUX-N operating system
  • Multi-UT function plus provides views of both the machine operation and the AUX-N implement
  • In the future, AUX-N MiniView will be available where up to nine functions of the machine, or also of the terminal, can be pre-programmed via direct access so the driver is always in easy reach of the most important functions and scrolling in the submenus is not necessary
  • Includes three user levels, “basic,” “medium” and “experienced,” so the display can be set to suit the individual needs of each driver
  • Imports GPS guidance using data format ISO-XML, A-B lines that are already available for the farm or brought over from the parallel driving system of another machine
  • Quick start button integrated into the software can be programmed with frequently required functions 
  • Features three MiniViews that can be viewed at the same time as other applications on the screen


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