Delta Systems 2 in. Round Displays

Delta Systems' 2 in. round displays are able to accommodate various connector types and have an operating voltage of 9.0-16.0V DC.

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Delta Systems has introduced its line of 2 in. round displays. 

  • Internally supports up to three circuit boards populated with electronic components, graphic or segmented LCD screens, capacitive touch or physical buttons, multi-colored LED indicator lights, and needle gauges
  • Accommodates different connector types such as Delphi or Molex
  • Custom-designed bezel allows designer to produce uniform and aesthetically pleasing dash
  • Pre-tooled case enables customization and delivery in a timely manner
  • Operating voltage is 9.0-16.0V DC
  • Operating current dependent on application
  • Tested to appropriate sections of ASAE EP455
  • Operating temperature range is -40-85 C (-40-185 F)
  • Features ingress protection rating of IP67


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