AMETEK Universal Instrument Panel-Color Display

AMETEK adds a color display to its universal instrument panel family of customizable digital instrument clusters.

Vis Uip Color Display
Ametek With Vis Logo

The UIP-CD (Universal Instrument Panel-Color Display) joins the UIP family of dashboard displays from AMETEK Vehicular Instrumentation Systems (VIS). 

  • Customized gauges, telltales and displays
  • Large, easy-to-read color graphics
  • Provides real-time data information, diagnostics, fault codes, user set up features and maintenance requirements
  • 4.3-inch WQVGA (wide quarter video graphic array) LCD full-color display.
  • Up to eight gauges and twenty LED telltales, with four of them dimmable for night-time driving
  • Up to seven stepper-motor-driven gauges
  • One of the gauges is a bar graph gauge with four progressive bars that can satisfy requirements for a DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) gauge on Tier IV diesel engines; its lowest bar can change from green to amber to red at customer-specified values to alert the operator of critically low conditions
  • Speedometer gauge automatically backlights either the major or minor scale, depending on whether English or metric is selected in the menu
  • Internal alarm with multiple sounds can be configured for various alarm conditions
  • Five of the panel’s gauges have warning LEDS to alert the operator to existing conditions
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