ASA Electronics Voyager VOM718 LCD Observation Monitor

The VOM718 LCD Observation Monitor features three camera inputs to support a robust observation system.

Asa Electronics Vom718 Monitor
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ASA Electronics is updating the Voyager product line with the VOM718 7-in. (17.8 cm)  LCD Observation Monitor.

  • Direct replacement for the AOM713 7-in. LCD Observation Monitor
  • Compatible with all Voyager cameras
  • Three camera inputs support a robust observation system
  • Common configurations include rear camera with two side body cameras for blind spot coverage
  • Offers option of automatic triggered source selection to determine which camera is in view
  • Turn signal triggering ensures correct camera is being displayed for turns, lane changes, and other maneuvers
  • Anti-glare, scratch-resistant LCD display uses energy efficient LED backlights with automatic day and night brightness modes
  • Increased contrast ratio improves overall image clarity
  • Incorporates tactile, backlit menu buttons that are easier to use and see in low-light situations
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