DSE eView Engine Display for Tier 4/Stage V Engines

The eView engine display uses icon-based visualization to eliminate the need for language translations for machine variants.

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DSE (Deep Sea Electronics) introduces its eView engine display designed specifically for Tier 4 Final and Stage V compatibility. 

  • Large screen has visual impact displaying information in multiple formats and in full color
  • Icon based visualization eliminates need for OEM to translate languages for machine variants
  • Plug and play design
  • Comes with default manufacturers’ settings, which are suitable straight out of the box for large majority of engine applications
  • Offers fully configurable settings via user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC software 
  • Specific icons, boot-up screen, color schemes and viewable engine data can all be changed to present application specific information in a customized format
  • Displays diagnostic messages for both active and historic faults (DM1 and DM2) together with the relevant Malfunction Indicator Light/lamp (MIL)
  • Multiple configurable inputs and outputs for additional sensors and auxiliary parts available if additional signals are required that are not provided on the engine’s CANbus
  • Manual engine speed control is achieved via TSC1 messages to the engine via the buttons on the front fascia
  • Water and dust repellent to IP67, enabling use in extreme environments
  • Heated display allows use in cold climates
  • Mounted via industry standard 81 mm (3.2 in.) diameter nut and incorporates robust DT16 harness connector   
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