GS Global Resources MD4 Bezel and Mount

GS Global Resources' MD4 Bezel and Mount features a 7 in. capacitive touchscreen display and customizable programming capabilities.

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The MD4 bezel and mount from GS Global Resources offers flexible mounting and programming. 

  • Well suited for rough-terrain applications
  • Even with gloved hands operators can feel the buttons, reducing distraction for improved safety
  • 7-in. (17.78 cm) capacitive touchscreen display gives operators clear, easy-to-read machine feedback
  • Programmability offers custom button configurations, colors and manufacturers’ branding
  • Flexible mounts allow custom RAM or panel mounting with CAN or analog switches
  • Fully-sealed and molded with durable plastic 
  • Available in variety of options including single row six buttons on the bottom and 12-button with two rows of six buttons vertical on each side of the display
  • Backlight color can just be a simple white or software selectable up to five different colors
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